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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 22, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> thank you. i was going to say sarah looks better, but i don't want to say that. >> hard to say. >> can't look much better. let's get right to the radar, look at the shower activity that's been hit-and-miss. it will become steadier in nature during the course of the day. be prepared for a day of rain. shower activity generally off to the north and east of the city, up 95. columbia, you're getting a good shower. you can see that lifting off to the north and east. more rain developing south and west. i want to show you the rain out to the west. west virginia and southern portions of ohio and kentucky, all of that headed in our direction with a warm front later today. plenty of rain this afternoon. temperatures should hold steady in the low to mid-50s. reagan national, 50 degrees. humidity way up. fog will hold tough today. winds out of the north and east at 6. lots of clouds around.
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on again, off again rain showers becoming steadier this afternoon. highs in the mid-50s. maybe a thunderstorm overnight, and clearing things out for the holiday. i'll have details coming up in a couple of minutes. i'll toss it back upstairs to you. new this morning, a welcomed sight for drivers. >> the second segment of the intercounty connector is open to the public. fox5's stacey cohan is live along the icc in laurel this morning with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i have been here for several hours and i have seen quite a few commuters taking advantage of the icc, which is now open for the full 18.8 miles. you can hear them rumbling along beside me here. this full stretch just opened. they had previously opened just over 7 miles. now this section is open.
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it's a 6 lane highway for most of the way. it cost $2.6 billion to construct. folks here in maryland say it could save you some serious time. >> going to cut commute times significantly. we expect congestion on the local roads to be eased by the icc. we're saying even people who don't take the icc will benefit from that. >> reporter: now that it's free, and it is free until december 5th, we have a lot of people taking advantage of it. we'll see what happens when the tolls kick in. during the peak hours they can be a little high, as much as 25- cent per mile. you'll have to check to see what it would cost you to ease your commute, or how much you are going to pay if your ride
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is considerably less painful. we'll see how it goes and keep an eye on the icc. reporting live, i'm stacey cohan. back to you guys. >> fog is thick out there. we're trying to keep an eye on you, too. thank you so much. another story we have this morning, caught on camera, a flash mob at a 7-eleven saturday night in silver springs. investigators believe about 50 young people between 16 and 18 years old walked in and stole a bunch of items, then casually left. police are hoping surveillance video can help them identify some of the thieves. they say the group organized at a birthday party. montgomery county officials are debating a proposed curfew to keep kids under 18 off the streets after midnight. saturday's mass theft in silver spring happened at 11:30 at night. fairfax county detectives want you to be on the lookout for this woman, 26-year-old stephanie lynn schwab. police say she's a suspect in a
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carjacking that happened at tysons saturday. they have her picture because she's also wanted in prince william's county for a bank robbery friday. a tsa agent accused of sexually assaulting a neighbor while in uniform. the woman says harold rodman approached her with his badge saturday morning, talked with her, then attacked her outside her home in manassas. rodman is a baggage screener at dulles. the man accused of firing shots at the white house appeared in u.s. district court in washington. the judge ordered oscar ortega- hernandez to undergo a psychological evaluation. he was arrested in pennsylvania last week. he's accused of firing an assault rifle at the white house. president obama was not at home at the time.
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a big loss on wall street was one of the apparent immediate effects of the debt super committee's failure to come up with a debt reduction plan. what does the failure mean in the long term for average citizens and federal workers? joining us now is ed o'keefe, federal eye reporter at the "washington post" who wrote about this yesterday. thanks for joining us. good to see you. first of all, let me ask you this, because i've heard some talk about this. was this committee doomed to fail because they had six democrats and six republicans and we've seen through congress how poorly these two groups work together? >> and most lawmakers will tell you they had a lot of faith this was going to work, but i think behind the scenes, considering how bitterly divided these parties are and how focused they are on next year's election, it was doomed to failure in many respects, yes. >> isn't this a sign of how badly things are working, actually they're not working. they're not working at all on
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capitol hill. because these 12 people had one specific task, and they couldn't even get off of their respective positions to compromise. >> yeah. there were proposals that would have brought over at least one democrat or one republican to give you a 7-5 edge. but for whatever reason, you know, in the end they simply couldn't do it. you had three months, and three months is a lot of time in washington to get something done. but besides the public hearings they held on the scope of the problems, they never, at least publicly, got into the details and suggestions in the last few days they had been trying to work out a deal just in the last few days. but it didn't happen. >> i want to show you a bite from the president yesterday when he spoke after the failure was announced. let's take a look at president obama yesterday. >> i will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts to domestic and defense spending. there will be no easy offramps on this one.
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we need to keep the pressure up to compromise, not turn off the pressure. the only way these spending cuts will not take place is if congress gets back to work and agrees on a balanced plan to reduce the deficit by at least $1.2 trillion. >> so there you have it. there's the new challenge it seems to me from the president. he's saying these cuts will go in 2013, unless congress can get something done. there's the new charge. do we think congress can get something done? >> it's of the reason people in washington aren't nervous. you have another month until christmas. you could work out a deal that would stave off those potentially huge cuts at the pentagon and across other domestic agencies. even then, if you don't get it by christmas, you have until january 2013, so really you have 13 months to sort this out. problem is, you don't want to sit in washington 13 months and
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debate this. because everything will get held up. how much money can these agencies spend? will there be a pay raise for federal employees? what do we do with the money coming back from iraq and afghanistan? none of that can be discussed, unless they sort this out. >> which answers the question i was going to ask, we don't know exactly how it will affect federal employees. >> we don't. but these agencies are preparing to have to start cutting as early as next month or in january in anticipation of those big cuts a year from now. >> ed o'keefe, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> we appreciate it. allison? president obama is hitting the campaign trail in new hampshire today. he'll visit a high school, the president is targeting republicans in congress in his push for extending payroll tax cuts due to expire the end of the year. the white house says if the cuts aren't reknewed, the average family will pay an extra $1,000 in taxes.
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get ready for another republican debate. it's tonight and it's here in the district. hosted by cnn at constitution hall. the debate will focus on national security. the republican hopefuls will answer how they would deal with iran and china and what their positions are on israel and the middle east. a former executive from the american international group is suing the government for $25 billion. maurice greenberg says the 2008 federal takeover of the insurance giant was unconstitutional. he is suing on behalf of aig shareholders, they lost 98% of the stock price. his company is also suing the new york fed, which held -- which is headed by timothy geithner, how the treasury secretary. protestors have been marching from new york and plan to arrive in the district, as the super committee wrapped up this week. they say they're visiting the university of maryland, college park for breakfast this morning.
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organizers tell us they had a rough day yesterday covering 31 miles. they are still due to arrive at the occupy d.c. protest. park police are investigating in the meantime a sexual assault in the square last night and have a man under arrest. tents are starting to pop up near the site where uc davis police pepper sprayed protestors friday. the protestors were peacefully sitting on campus. the school's chancellor apologized yesterday, but got heckled off the stage. the police chief on campus and two officers have been placed on administrative leave because of that action. it's like something out of the terminator films. computerized contact lenses that display information in front of your eye. how close is it to reality? we're going to share new information from researchers coming up next, after the break. then, tablets 101. the ipad, the kindle fire and
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it is like something out of a sci-fi movie. researchers at the university of washington and in finland are developing a contact lens that could be used to display data, like e-mails and text messages in front of your eyes. at this point, the prototype can only hold one pixel and it only works if it's within centimeters of a wireless battery. scientists hope to add hundreds more pixels to produce complex images. which i'm sure they will be doing. right, they have the technology in place. >> be cool, but like we need people to have that distraction, reading stuff in front of their contact lenses. >> right. but it would be cool.
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sure to be under more than a new christmas trees this year. >> lauren demarco joins us to find out how you can figure out which device is right for you. >> reporter: there are so many options and unlike apple's closed system of hardware and software, android's system is more open, but all the tablets come with their own pros and cons. it's a matter of matching it up with your needs. here with tablet talk this morning, ceo of optimal networks in rockville. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so much fun. so exciting having all these tablets here. i love it. we have the ipad 2 in white. >> in white. >> a little more fancy, i like that. let's talk about the ipad 2. the one question i have with this, i know most people do know a good deal about it. but could you use the ipad 2 in place of a computer in your home? >> really depends what you want and what you need. you know, if all you're looking to do is surf the web a little
9:16 am
bit, this is a smart. if you're looking to surf the web and answer e-mails, it's a fine thing to substitute for a computer. if you're looking to do work or write things, it becomes more difficult. these are generally considered content consumption devices rather than creation devices. >> can you hook a keyboard to it? >> you can. through blue tooth. >> i have the new iphone. if i have that, do i need an ipad 2? >> the ipad is lovely, because it's a much bigger screen. i once had an iphone, and i got an ipad. and every time i wanted to check e-mail or surf the web or do anything that required a little bit of movement on the screen, i ran to the ipad and i started just using the iphone to make phone calls, which is a little weird. >> still have an iphone? >> i don't. >> let's talk about the amazon
9:17 am
kindle fire. they took their e-reader and beefed it up into a tablet. it's sort of like the big competitor. >> this is just an amazing device. it has exactly one button. what amazon has done, it's taken its kindle, and it has turned it into basically -- let's see if i can do it sideways here. it's turned it into a personal entertainment system. not only can you read books, but you can watch movies, you can download and take them, listen to songs. you can play games and apps. now, these two are not to be confused. >> right. >> the ipad is a much more full featured device. it's got cameras, it has faster processor. >> 3-g. >> this thing can go up to 64 gigabytes of ram. this thing comes with 8. phenomenal device. and amazon has put out a
9:18 am
competitor to apple's entertainment world. i'm excited about that. >> lower price point. >> $199. >> definitely significant there. >> when i bought this, i didn't know what to expect, and i'm excited, i'm going to keep it. >> really? >> yes. and i'm giving my brother one for his birthday. >> can i get one? >> yes. >> christmas comes early. then we've got the window think pad. i did read it said, if an it guy were to develop a tablet, this is what he would make. makes sense coming from you. >> yes. this is a company that works with businesses and it departments and people on their company computer systems. people are coming to us and saying weighs the best tablet for business? okay, it's tough to say. i don't have, what is it doing now? please don't do that. you're not supposed to do that on live tv. >> behave. >> behave, behave! but this is one of the tablets
9:19 am
on the android operating system. the ipad has about 70% of the market now. the android has about 30%. businesses say can i use the ipad for business? you can use the ipad for business. there's a lot of good things to it. the android is more open, and these tablets, especially this one, which is probably one of the best laptop companies and pc companies out there for business, has a lot of business features that you won't find on an ipad. got a usb port. >> you can actually write on it. >> it has a pen built into it. pretty clever that way. >> this one is for the business worker in your life. looks like there is something for everybody. it's really all about what you're looking for. >> i'll show you the case. >> very cool. >> these are the sorts of things, and i'm not pushing one over the other. we help companies figure out
9:20 am
what is best for them. >> thank you for helping us as well. we'll post all this on thank you. >> so many choices now. >> i know. coming up, university of maryland's doctor says it's one of the most painful decisions he's had to make. >> we are learning more about the plan to cut several sports teams coming up next. our mommy to be is learning all about mummies this morning. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. that's right. this featured mummy is talking about mummies from a long time ago. the question is who is under wraps? you can find out at the natural museum history, where we are live and where their exhibit is now open to you. if you can't make it here, we're going to talk about social networking and mummies and how that all works as well. it's all live later on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.    
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welcome back. it's 9:24. the lebanese terror organization hezbollah has unraveled -- american spy officials were alerted last year to be careful in handling informants and they fear some of the spies may have been executed already. the former director of the fbi is now in charge of an investigation into the penn state sex abuse scandal. freeh says his investigation will be comprehensive and relatively quick. he has brought in others to look into records dating as far back as 1975. former assistant football coach jerry sandusky is accused of sexually abusing at least eight children, some of the alleged attacks took place at school facilities. we are learning more about
9:25 am
the plan to cut sports programs at the university of maryland. if the school doesn't come up with funding, eight of the 27 teams will be nothing but a memory. gone are all three men's track teams, men's swimming and diving, men's tennis, women's water polo, women's acrobatics, and tumbling. it affects a total of 166 athletes and 12 coaches. maryland will honor the scholarships and coaches' salary and assist players with denver. the program -- with transfer. the program will end in 2012. d.c. looking to combat the high rate of hiv and aids by using the dmv. yesterday was the first day tests were offered in the 60 people got tested. since last october, more than five people tested at dmvs across the city. a nonprofit group performs the testing at the dmv.
9:26 am
new report released by the united nations suggests the number of people becoming infected with hiv is at its lowest level in more than a decade. the number of people dying from aids is also down. experts say it's due to better hiv treatments and earlier access to treatments and prevention. we have a well renowned make-up artist in studio today. derrick rutledge is here to share tips. and we'll also talk about his own touching story coming up next on fox 5. plus, fog and rain are out there today. we have a live shot at the american legion bridge. wow. quite the traffic backup as well. that looks unusually busy to me. fog, rain and the like. tucker barnes will tell us about that in a couple of moments. stay with us. we'll be back.
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thousands of people are continuing to protest in the
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capital of egypt this morning. they camped out overnight and they are getting ready for what's called a million man march. the protests enter a fourth day. at least 29 people killed since saturday and more than a thousand injured. the egyptian cabinet submitted its resignation yesterday, but the military rulers haven't accepted it yet. three american students arrested for throwing molotov cocktails yesterday. egyptian tv showed them along with the bottles of the alleged fire bombs. police questioned them and prosecutors say they did not have their passports, but one has a driver's license from indiana. the u.s. embassy is investigating these claims. russian space scientists are coming to terms they lost a rocket heading to mars. they are acknowledging a space probe got stuck in earth's orbit. the chances of fixing it are close to zero. they have until the end of the month to reestablish contact with the probe.
9:31 am
otherwise the mission to mars will be considered a failure. satellite trackers say the probe is passing over north america this morning. russia's space program had a successful landing overnight. it landed a few hours ago. they spent the past 165 days on board the international space station. tough way to get them back. they land on land. they slow it down as much as they can. but pretty rough landing. >> as opposed to the i dream of jeannie. >> or the actual space program as well. >> the american astronauts generally come back -- >> but -- >> i've never seen a softer landing, tony. it's not softer when you're falling from way up there. >> that's true. but i'd rather land in the water. >> right. >> like major, what was his
9:32 am
name? >> healey, i think. or nelson. >> healey was the other one. >> all right. >> hey, tucker. >> hey, guys. >> did you see stacey's live shot? >> a lot of fog throughout the area. warm front moving this afternoon. nothing to kick the fog out of here like the past couple of mornings. rain showers will become steadier today. rainy day expected across the area. a live look at hd radar. not much now in washington. but you can see we have rain showers, dodging rain showers all around us. to the north and east. and a lot of rain breaking out to the south and west. it's pinwheeling off to the north and north and east. more rain shortly for alexandria and here in washington, reston. parts of the areas not showing rain showers, getting the fog and mist. not a beautiful day. lot of clouds in the forecast. relatively cool temperatures.
9:33 am
highs not budge a lot. in the mid-50s. let me show you the bigger picture. this is the mess headed our way. it's a combination of a warm front, getting in here later today, really tonight and overnight. and a cold front, which is very obvious there on your map. this will come in a one-two combination. plenty of rain today. really into the night time hours. temporarily pushing the temperatures into the low 60s. and then the cold front comes through overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. that could kick off a thunderstorm overnight, as this much cooler and drier air behind that front that will be moving into the area. check out the rain, will be with us all day unfortunately. slow travel, if you're headed out of town, raining up to new york later this afternoon. good news, if you're heading south, into the carolinas, clouds, but rain holding tough here during the 3:00 hour,
9:34 am
through the evening commute. 2:00in the morning, that's possible thunderstorm activity. as the cold front comes through, could hear a rumble of thunder. clearing out tomorrow during the day. here we are at 11:00. i think by tomorrow afternoon the cooler and drier air will filter in. after early morning temperatures in the 60s tomorrow, that temperature will be falling during the afternoon. 50 in washington. 50 at dulles. bwi 51 degrees. here's your forecast today, cloudy skies, rain likely. 56 the daytime high. winds out of the east at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. warm front comes through tonight, changing the winds out of the south. possibility of a thunderstorm. overnight low, those temperatures will be moving up overnight. 54 overnight low. and your five-day forecast, here comes the turkey flying in. tomorrow, i think we'll see a little mid- to late afternoon sun. 64. thursday through saturday, beautiful. no excuse to not go out and play, numbers you want to shop.
9:35 am
highs in the low 60s. should be a nice holiday weekend in the washington area. that will do it for weather. allison, over to you. tucker, thank you so much. he is the man behind the look of some of the world's most famous faces, including the first lady, michelle obama. a typical day for derrick rutledge means traveling city to city to work on high profile guests. but his life hasn't always been full of glamor. derrick rutledge joins us to share his success story and more. we are so happy you're here. >> i'm happy to be here. i really am. >> you don't do much tv yourself. you make people look beautiful. >> i'm always behind the scenes. this is my first time really being in the forefront. >> you're happy you're doing that with us. >> thank you. >> i want to start with a series of phone calls you got in 2009 that would lead you to be the premier make-up artist for our first lady. >> i was driving and then i got
9:36 am
this call asking me would i like to come in and audition for someone important. i said, yes, i would. actually, i said no, i think i'm being punked. i found out later it was. and once i got the call, i was excited. and here i am right now. >> right. it's a fantastic journey. when you're making up our first lady, what are y'all talking about? that you can say. >> the weather. >> i like that answer. >> the weather. >> i like that answer. she always looks so flawless. we saw the cover of that essence magazine. beautiful. mrs.obama was not of course your first celebrity client. we talk about patti labelle and you were with her some 15 years. >> yes. >> and that led to the dynamic oprah winfrey. >> right. >> what was that like?
9:37 am
>> oprah is a teacher. i love working with her, because you can get a lesson every time you work with her. she's exciting, she's exuberant. she loves talking about life and about her different lifestyles and everything she's doing. >> right. we often create this bond with the people that we employ to work on our face, our hair, our skin. it becomes an intimate relationship. >> yes. >> do you find almost your part, you know, counselor or listener a lot of times as well? >> i'm the mothering type, you know. i'm a nurturer. so i have this heart when someone has a bad day or not feeling well, the mere touch, you know, i give them a hug. i'm a hugger. so my heart comes through when i'm working on them. >> right. a gentle spirit, and i can feel that already sitting here with you. >> i appreciate that. >> we got to know you a little better in that "washington post" magazine, beautiful article on your life and journey. >> thank you.
9:38 am
>> it talks about you being bullied relentlessly in school. >> right. >> for those watching, the parents dealing with this, how did you get through it every day before you changed schools? >> well, i've always liked to draw and paint, and i'm a very creative person. so i would dig deep down into my soul, and i would take those -- the problems i had with those bullies and i would go into my special place inside and i would draw and paint and not worry about them. i actually stuck around a lot of teachers and principals and worked with them, and they found out i was creative and smart which led me going to private school in seventh grade. >> and you found refuge there and were able to soar. and you're a gifted singer, leading to your artistic ability with these beautiful faces. >> yes. >> we're out of time. >> i'm sorry about that.
9:39 am
>> but we'll -- hopefully you'll stick around, because you've done our sarah simmons. >> i have. >> we want to see that and get tips how us mere mortals, how we can do our face, too. >> i'll be glad to show you everything i did with her today. >> derrick is sticking around, so we'll rejoin derrick and sarah at 9:45. how can you turn away at this point? i don't know. we'll be right back, though. we'll be right back.     q
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in the buzz bin, another spin in the justin bieber baby drama. he took a paternity test as he said he would. now it's up to the mother to provide dna results from the baby. we'll see if she does that. justin has vowed to sue her and her lawyers once he establishes he's not the father. new options on the market
9:43 am
for brides to be. >> think royalty or maybe a little hollywood. the infamous bridesmaid dress worn by kate middle ton's sister pippa at the royal wedding for sale. it's the same as pippa's, except it features a zipper instead of buttons. the buttons, that was a big thing. maybe fake buttons, i bet. >> something like that. >> the gown is going for the equivalent of $3,100. in hollywood is more your thing, alfred angelo, forgive me, i don't know the names of these designers. it's out with the replica of the dress bella wears in breaking dawn. the replica is going for $800. the store hot topic is also selling replicas of bella's bridal hair comb, and
9:44 am
engagement ring for $28 that ki sells. >> it does. >> people always want that stuff. make-up artist derrick rutledge has been hard at work working on sarah simmons. don't show us! then, eternal life in ancient egypt. holly morris is live at the national history museum, giving us an upclose look at a brand- new exhibit. stay with us. we'll be back. 
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
we have been so fortunate to have celebrity make-up artist and the main artist for our first lady, derrick rutledge in studio. we talked with him earlier. if you missed it, go to
9:48 am and check it out. he is a fascinating person. he also basically did our sarah simmons' face and we're not showing her yet, are we? we want to put up a picture of her, she's always picture, but one side basically how we all know sarah, and then how we see her now. okay. never mind. we thought we were going to do that. >> here it is. >> that's beautiful, sarah. okay. >> she is very beautiful. >> here is what derrick has done with sarah now. dramatic. it's the eyes. derrick, you are known for your eyebrows and eyes and making those beautiful lips pop, too. >> yes. >> how do you feel? the first lady gets this service, understand that, right? >> i was nervous before i came up here today. >> for her magazine cover. derrick, what did you do? what did you know you had to work with? >> i saw sarah had on this beautiful lilac, not lilac, but purple sweater. i wanted to pick up on the
9:49 am
colors in the sweater and take her into more holiday evening look, because she's a very natural, beautiful look for the day. i picked up on the colors in the sweater, and deepened her eyes, lined them a little bit more. i used a mascara to bring her lashes out. then i gave her a beautiful nude lip, and i gave her a nice blush. what i also told her, she can take this look and go into the evening by adding shimmer. shimmer is really hot for the fall and also for the evening. especially when we're going into the christmas holiday season. >> sure. sarah, can you do this yourself? >> are you kidding me? he was doing things to my eyes i've never been able to do myself. >> close your eyes for a second. see that purple -- >> tough to do on your own. >> so beautiful. you may open now so we can see your beautiful blue eyes. there they are. derrick, what can we take from
9:50 am
this and do every day? not just us, but everybody going to work. >> for work, keep it natural. you're working under florescent lights, so use natural colors. then carry a few colors you know you're going to wear for the evening, if you're going somewhere in the evening, and you can add. a pressed powder to clean up under the eyes. a nice gloss to keep your lips moisturized and keep colors on there. you eat or drink, and everything is gone. and a good mascara to bring the lashes out. >> i love it. >> right in there. >> derrick says the brows frame the face. >> those are important. if you get someone who can strain you on -- train you on your eyebrows, that's key. >> this is derrick rutledge,
9:51 am
you are now a media mogul. >> yes. my next thing is now a dvd to actually train women on what they can do to make themselves look beautiful. >> we love it. you do such a good job. >> thank you, i appreciate that. >> for celebrities and us, too. there it is. holly morris, someone else who always looks beautiful, is checking out the mummies today. holly, we're all jealous of sarah now. >> reporter: i know. i was laughing, because you're getting like more beautiful with make-up, and i'm about ready to wrap myself in toilet paper. anyway, it's fun. here she is, kelly carnes, the press officer here at the natural history museum. we're doing this because, this is really cool, there's a new exhibit, actually it's a mummy exhibit brought back here at the museum. it's now bigger than ever. they have more mummies on days play than they've ever had here. it's called eternal life in ancient egypt.
9:52 am
they're doing things to make the exhibit more, i don't want to say up to date -- >> ancient to date. >> reporter: the fact you guys are really doing things to make young people be engaged and interactive and learn in that way shows that you are now -- >> we try. >> reporter: let's talk a little bit about this whole mummy meet and tweet. >> the mummy meet and tweet is the first meet and tweet opportunity at the museum. it's new for us. hold on here. what we're doing, we're going to encourage people to tweet using a very secret hash tag. once it's announced, people will begin tweeting with it from now until december 6th. after december 6th we're going to select a small group of people, about 15, to come and do a private tour of the exhibition. >> reporter: cool! >> after museum hours, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., december 13th with dr. zeder who we met earlier this morning. >> reporter: we're going to
9:53 am
announce this in about three minutes. until then, we want to give people a sneak peek at the cool things they can see, which is really is amazing. also talk about the other ways you're using social media to get the exhibits out there. >> we have about 7 million people come through our doors every year. >> reporter: is that all? >> just a bit. we realized a lot of people can't always come to the museum in washington. they can't always make it here physically. so we're trying grow a strong digital presence, so people can interact online as well as in the museum space. on a variety of digital platforms, like twitter that we're using today, but we're also engaging in a couple of new ways besides the regular web sites that we have, besides our partnership with eol, the encyclopedia of life, besides our web site where people can go to for content on the ocean, we're starting up relationships
9:54 am
with a new quite, cora, a question and answer web site. you can ask any question and one of our scientists here will answer it. you're getting it straight from the source, all the information you can handle. >> reporter: you're doing something with itunes? >> itunes u is a new partnership we launched in october. you can go and see all of the content that you're missing at the museum, like if you can't come to a lecture, we'll be posting that content, and you can view if for free on itunes u. we're making our content more accessible all the time. when we listen to our visitors, we get things like the mummy exhibition. >> reporter: right. which we said before, it was brought back and made bigger because people missed it so much. here's the big announcement. i was thinking this would get a good place to get a lesson in
9:55 am
swaddling, but i wasn't thinking about this. anyway, the hash tag is -- mummy's the word. there you go. start tweeting now. every time you tweet, you get entered and over the next two weeks you might be one of the lucky few that gets the after hours special tour here. thank you very much. i think you've done this before, for some reason. >> other duties. >> reporter: very good. we'll have a little more fox 5 morning when we come back right after the break. stay with us.    [ screaming ] [ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man.
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find out more, go to, and look for my fox half off on the right side of the home page. there you go. cool. not so cool forecast today. lots of rain out there. temperatures in the mid-50s. more showers tomorrow morning. could be a thunderstorm overnight tonight as well. temperature briefly touches 64 tomorrow. will start falling in the afternoon. thursday, our thanksgiving day holiday, friday and saturday, sunshine with temperatures in the 60s by saturday. going to feel like early fall around here. >> that's going to be nice. will be fitting for the big day. >> you got it. >> very good to have derrick rutledge on the show. >> the best. >> home town guy. >> and a sweet spirit. >> absolutely. we thank you for watching fox 5 morning news. remember the news is always on i think i'll have some tea. >> feel better, tony. here's wendy. captions by: caption colorado, llc. (800)775-7838. email:


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